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Monday, November 7, 2011

Chapter 51

    Because Doug has friends in Austin who insisted he join them for the Texas/Tech game on Saturday, and because there was an extra ticket that Doug insisted I ‘had to’ use, I joined my friends in a quick and not-so-good trip to Austin on Saturday. 

    I remember a similar game back in 1969 or 1970, where we all piled into a car and drove down to enemy territory of orange to watch our Red Raiders get creamed by the Longhorns... it wasn’t fun then, and it wasn’t fun this Saturday when we were humiliated again.
    But this time, the trip was made a little easier because Doug’s friend had sent his private jet up for us, so we made the quick and comfortable flight down. He, the friend, has a huge home on Lake Travis with a gazillion guest rooms. We were comfortable that night after a delicious dinner and then were flown back to Lubbock early Sunday.
    And the burn on Sharon’s arm couldn’t have taken a long drive, but the excitement of the luxury plane trip made a nice diversion to her pain. Too bad the game didn’t help, even if we were in a luxury suite. 
    Except for the aforementioned horrible game in which Tech shot themselves in the foot several times, it was a pleasant weekend. Except I found myself missing Colin more than I thought I would...  or should... 
    But things at work are still interesting, especially now that we report directly to President Parker. I attended my first administrative council meeting, and Boyle ignored me completely. I could tell he was furious, though. At least I think he was. Maybe his scowl is just his perpetual countenance. I’m sorry the man is so unhappy, but I think he brings it on himself. 
    Not something I plan on dwelling on now that I don’t have to deal with him so much. 
    Weather is turning, thank goodness. Even had a few snow flurries last week, while Amarillo had two inches of the white stuff. Did I mention how much I love snow? Probably because I don’t have to deal with it as  much as those who live up north. My dear friend Carol in D.C. said they got creamed this week. But she loves it, too.
    Next weekend... Oklahoma State, ranked number 2 this morning, will come to Lubbock. Another chance to strut our stuff on national television. Just hope we bring the same game we had at Oklahoma this season instead of the one we employed for the last two weekends. Just keeps it interesting, I guess. 
    Go Red Raiders! Guns UP!

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