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Monday, June 6, 2011

June 6, 2011

      Yesterday at church, I sat in my usual place in the back again, coward that I am. And Monsignor Fitzpatrick was available for communion. Father Colin’s homily was powerful. I shut my eyes through the whole thing.  
Vacation Bible School started today. I didn’t see or run into Father Colin when visiting St. Elizabeth’s at noon. I did see Jenny Bodecker, however, who gushed about the successful craft project completed this morning.

In addition, Fern reported that as per my instructions all teachers had taken a photo of each child in front of the poster I’d made. This was one of Carol’s ideas. The poster said, “Jesus Loves Me! This I Know!” positioned so the child’s head was surrounded by the letters. All the digital photos would be printed by the end of the week, and Friday’s craft project is to decorate a foam frame for their picture to take home to mom and dad.

Thankfully, several of the other teachers also had nice things to say on how well their own sessions had gone and thanked me again for the project ideas and supplies. I caught Monsignor Fitzpatrick’s eye as I left, and he nodded appreciatively to me and winked as he talked with another parishioner.

   “Wonder how long it will be before his next call for help?” I thought as I left. But that was fine. I enjoyed the experience and have met several volunteers I’m sure will become friends, especially Fern. A successful adventure all around. 

   I was still high on happiness when I returned to the office. Sharon had been right, the stairs have done me good. I can make it all the way up without panting. My next goal is to take the stairs two at a time ... and lose some more weight, but all in good time. 
   Elaine was still at lunch, but had left a note on the door. Call Bennett Boyle ASAP!!!!
   “Great,” I groaned. “ A good day ruined.”

   Five minutes later I was standing in Boyle’s office, listening with astonishment. He actually wanted me to contact the media about a just-released short list of possible new presidents. “Give them some background on all of us.”  Damn, I thought glancing at the list ... his name was on it.

   “I don’t have the resumes, but you can dig them up. Get it out this afternoon. The Board wants it out today and I don’t have time.”
  “We’ll be happy to,” I said, taking the list he offered.
  “That will be all,” Boyle said sharply when I made no move to leave.
  “Do you want to see the release before we send it out?”
   “Of course. Go. Wait ... put them in alphabetical order. Now go.”

I went, amazed he’d actually given me an assignment. Is my new way to work paying off? Well, we’ll just show him how good we are, I thought. And we did. Boyle approved the first draft of the release, especially since the alpha order put his name first.  Again he dismissed me quickly. 
Wow, a good day had gotten even better — except for Boyle’s inclusion in the list of possible new presidents.

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